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Billboards that will make you laugh from lawyers that are sometimes referred to as “necessary Evil” and all kinds of caricatures exist in the society to depict the good and bad side of law.

So even though accident law is serious business at Mastrangelo Law offices (MLO Lawyer), we decided to see the lighter side of being an accident lawyer by scraping few funny Accident lawyer billboards from the Internet.

I came across a few funny accident lawyer comics on the Internet, so I will post a mix of them here:

  1. Got into a car crash and injured? This one is just plain blunt and hilarious. Keeps it really simple, and doesn’t even put a phone number on it. Talk about brand building at best !
This is one is too blunt and funny

2. I don’t think you can talk about law and not mention Saul Goodman from breaking bad? Just super hilarious, Better Call Saul! I love the simplicity of the billboard, the logo and everything else around it.



Get the gorilla!

I guess anything becomes funny when you add a Gorilla into the mix 🙂 If you ask me, the billboard has too much information on it, and people driving at 65mph can barely read two sentences. And seriously though, what does “get the Gorilla” even mean? I think it’s trying to appeal to young blokes who got into an accident (and they have just learned how to drive!)


This one is a classic, clean cut, like bald? lol. Besides the fact that people don’t become bald by pulling hair, this one is also funny because the lawyer on the billboard is bald! Very simple, clean fun and call to action with a phone number. This one is one of the best personal injury lawyer billboards ever!


Another great billboard that can lead to great brand building. People looking at this can instantly relate to this, not because we crash into posters or walls all the time, but because we see such images in movies and TV all the time and we can relate to this.

It also comes with a tag line which says “Don’t settle for less”, which is very emotional and it connects with the people on a different level.

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