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Staying safe has been a hot topic lately.  But do you really know what is important for your safety?

We talk a lot about Covid-19 Safety as the pandemic has been on our minds for over a year.  Maybe you are wondering what that has to do with personal injury law?  While you may not believe it, Personal injury law is about keeping people safe.  

My brother and I got into law to help people and keep them safe.  Throughout our careers there have been many cases that you probably never heard of and the end result is a safer world for everyone.

The result of these cases is that some faulty part, or bad idea is corrected.  When this happens, fewer people are injured.  For instance, have you ever wondered why there is a bar you need to hold on a lawnmower?  That is there because people were being hurt. And because a lawyer took the case, lawnmowers are safer.  Some of you might find that the safety lever is an annoyance.  Others might still have ten fingers because of it. Remember the Ford Pinto?  Cars are safer because of that case.

Broken Sidewalks

Recently we settled a case where a city was ignoring an unsafe situation on a sidewalk.  We took the case and the city quickly corrected the issue.  Sadly, like the lawnmower safety bar, nothing was done until after someone was injured.  That is why personal injury lawyers are important to everyone.  It could be you that saved a finger because of the safety bar, or didn’t have a serious injury because the sidewalk was fixed.

During the Pandemic we have seen horrific traffic accidents. With lighter traffic speeds increased. Higher speeds means more damage at impact and sadly, some major injuries to drivers and passengers alike. As we recover and traffic slows back down, accidents continue, and that is why we are here.

Be Courteous

Sometimes we all must tolerate a minor inconvenience for the greater good. Just like bay area traffic, Covid-19 is one of those situations that effects nearly all of us.  Wearing a mask and social distancing are among those small sacrifices we have to make.  Hopefully all of us will respect others and simply stay home when we are sick.  That alone will save lives.  Driving safer will save lives too. We can’t forget that there is more to life than Covid.

As we move to the post Covid-19 era, workplace liability will have new rules.  Letting someone come into work sick might become a liability.  As an employer, manager or even a co-worker, we all should remind each other the affect we have on people around us when we are sick even after Covid-19.  There isn’t much I can do for you if you are sick, so do your friends, neighbors and co-workers a favor.  If you are sick, stay home.

If you are in injured in an accident, call me.