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Have you ever witnessed someone driving erratically while talking on the phone or texting?  It is common knowledge that using a cell phone while driving is dangerous and negligent.   California law now requires the incorporation of a hands free device into the vehicle.   Despite the laws, warnings, and campaigns to stop this reckless behavior many drivers still continue to talk and text while on the road every day.  The National Safety Council estimates that at least 1.6 million crashes per year involve drivers using cell phones and texting.  In personal injury law, we encounter a range of cases involving cell phone use resulting in minor to fatal injuries.

Driving while talking on a cell phone in stop and go traffic can be especially risky.  A recent client of Mastrangelo Law Offices was driving in traffic when she observed the woman behind her was talking animatedly on a cell phone.  The woman did not slow down and collided with the rear of our client’s vehicle.  The defendant was found in violation of California Vehicle Code Section 22350: driving at an unsafe speed for the conditions.  The defendant was distracted by her phone conversation, was not paying attention to the road, and was not able to stop her vehicle in time.  The defense stipulated to liability in this matter, and the case settled for $150,000. Our client was well compensated for her pain and suffering that was a direct result of this accident.

There will always be drivers who disregard every warning and continue to endanger the lives of others by talking on a cell phone while driving.  You should never have to pay for someone else’s careless use of a cell phone.  Call Mastrangelo Law Offices today if you or someone you know has been injured as a result of another driver’s negligent cell phone use.

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